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Mobile sample

Mobile RDD is a sample consisting of randomly generated numbers within thousand series blocks dedicated to providing cellular service. Our multi-source mobile database allows you to save time during fieldwork by connecting you directly to the consumer. Sample Solutions is able to filter RDD sample using a dialer to pulse the raw mobile sample in order to ensure working numbers. Additionally, through provider lookup we can determine if the mobile phone is active and whether it is located in the targeted area. Utilize dual-frame sampling to access a more representative sample of households, reduce bias, cover a larger audience, and increase response rate.

Landline sample

Random Digit Dialing, commonly known as RDD, is a cost-effective method for generating a representative sample of households with fixed landlines. When generating your sample, we provide you with access to listed and unlisted numbers, fully geocoded records, and accurate sample with filtered out business and non-working numbers. We have developed multi-level scale capacity and can provide sample at the Government Office Regions (GOR) level, NUTS3 Areas, and city level. The NUTS3 Areas can be linked to socio-demographic data, while the city level allows for highly effective means to target smaller population samples.

B2C sample

In recent years, we have developed our own lifestyle database but still maintain close working relationships with leading lifestyle data providers which allow us direct access to their detailed in-house databases including information such as income, age and gender.

B2B sample

Our global in-house B2B database has more than 190M records with selection criteria available for industry classification, employment size, revenue, direct contacts, job titles, and direct phone numbers.